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13 July 2023

Teaching a Water Way of Life in Vietnam

Swimming & Lifesaving
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Swim Vietnam trains swim teachers, builds pools, and provides free survival swimming and water safety lessons, giving Vietnamese children a skill that could save their life.

From March to September, around 3,000 children in Central Vietnam will participate in the Swim Vietnam survival swimming program in local pools. Over five weeks, they’ll learn how to swim, float and tread water. They’ll also gain essential water safety knowledge and practice safe rescue techniques.

Royal Life Saving NSW is proud to partner with Swim Vietnam to train and develop their Swim Teacher team.

Their team recently completed updated training in Pool Lifeguard and First Aid, with the training delivered by RLS Trainer David Hurt, a Trustee of Swim Vietnam.

David travels to Vietnam regularly to provide guidance on a range of areas so the organisation can grow and prosper in a challenging environment.

With over 20 years’ of experience working as a swimming coach and lifeguard and managing a swim school in Australia, Swim Vietnam was fortunate to host David as a drowning prevention volunteer from 2014 to 2016.

During this time David helped develop Swim Vietnam’s water safety and lifesaving training, and promoted Swim Vietnam as a recognised leading training centre in Vietnam for water safety education and drowning prevention initiatives.

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