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It is important to understand the benefits of swimming and where it can you you in life. In this topic we’re going to look at how important it is to stay healthy and active and Swimming and Survival Strokes can help you lead a safe and active lifestyle.

Entro la fine di questo modulo gli studenti dovrebbero essere in grado di:

  • The benefits of swimming

  • Swimming and survival strokes

  • Different aquatic activities

  • Pathways and opportunities to use your swimming and lifesaving skills.

Collegamenti nazionali per il nuoto e la sicurezza in acqua


  • Swim Continuously for 15 meters (S4)

  • Swim Continuously for 25 meters (S5)

  • Swim Continuously for 50 meters (S6)

Link al curriculum australiano

Stage 2 (Grade 3 and 4)

  • Examine the benefits of physical activity to   health and wellbeing (ACPMP046)

Stage 3 (Grade 5 and 6)

  • Participate in physical activities designed   to enhance fitness, and discuss the impact regular participation can have on   health and wellbeing (ACPMP064)

Collegamenti del programma del Nuovo Galles del Sud

Stage 2 (Grade 3 and 4)

  • Investigates and participates in physical activities to promote the benefits of physical activity on health and wellbeing PD2-8

Stage 3 (Grade 5 and 6) 

  • Creates and participates in physical activities to promote healthy and active lifestyles PD3-8

Sicurezza dell'acqua in linea

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