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Outback Lifesaver

Get wet. Have fun. Learn lifesaving skills

About Outback Lifesaver

Outback Lifesaver program has been developed to provide children in and across our regional and remote communities with basic water safety and lifesaving skills. The program is aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years and is conducted in local pools and inland waterways in Term 1 and Term 4. ​ The program seeks to increase the understanding of local aquatic environments and provide aquatic skills and proficiencies in a fun and enjoyable environment. ​ All activities have been developed based on the characteristics and developmental capacities of children across various age categories.

Outback Lifesaver Information Guide

Working with local Councils and community groups, the program has been developed at a heavily discounted rate. The program is part of the Active Kids Voucher System which entitles participants to a certain amount off the price.

What are the requirements for participation?

All children and young people that wish to be part of the Outback Lifesaver Program must

  • Be aged 7 – 12 years of age

  • Complete a Swimming Assessment prior to commencing activities in the water;

  • Have a parent/guardian present for the entire program; and

  • Parents and Lifesavers must be willing to participate in an evaluation on the success of the program and skills learned

Why should my child/ren participate in the program?

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a new and exciting program, bringing Lifesaving to regional inland waterways and pools this summer.

The program is structured specifically to ages 7 - 12 years old and the children's swimming abilities, and gradually teaches the children basic lifesaving skills required to be safer in and around regional aquatic environments - while having fun of course!

Is this a learn to swim program?

Outback Lifesaver is a lifesaving and water safety program. Although your child will benefit enormously and increase their confidence from exposure to open water-based activities including swimming and board paddling, this is not a learn to swim program. Options to enroll in swimming lessons exist with your local aquatic facility through either holiday intensives or weekly lessons.

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