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10 Aug 2021

Understanding the social, health and economic value of the Australian Aquatic Industry

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Royal Life Saving releases report into the social, health and economic value of the Australian Aquatic Industry.

Prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Australia, and commissioned by Royal Life Saving Society – Australia.

Our organisation is involved in a diverse range of swimming, water safety and lifesaving agenda and is pleased to contribute to the benefits described in the report and to see these advocated in this way.

We wish to provide a copy of the report highlights as well as more information on where to access the full report to assist you, your partners, and your constituents in supporting the aquatic industry’s value and contribution to the Australian community, particularly as the industry rebuilds following the pandemic.

The report reinforces the myriad of ways that the aquatic industry benefits the Australian community and found that the industry:

  • is a driver of economic activity throughout Australia, employing the equivalent of 33,600 full time employees and adding $2.8 billion to gross domestic product (GDP)

  • is a generator of $2.5 billion in health benefits, ranging across a reduction in the burden of disease, improved mental health outcomes, reduced absenteeism, and reduced childhood drowning

  • is a provider of $3.8 billion’s worth of social benefits such as: enhancing an individual’s leisure time or creating increased life satisfaction; by bringing people together; supporting more vulnerable groups; and supporting early learning.

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