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16 Feb 2022

Swim Teacher funded training package now available to upskill and assist Aquatic Industry

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As the industry works tirelessly to get back on its feet this year, Royal Life Saving is working on ways we can help our community jump back into swimming and water safety education. We understand the need to adapt, upskill and assist the industry in recruiting and retaining qualified staff to teach swimming and water safety.

Royal Life Saving NSW, through its strong partnership with the NSW Government as part of the Skilling for Recovery program, is offering FREE* training for a combined Swim Teacher qualification in:

  • SISSS00112 Swimming and Water Safety Teacher

  • SISCAQU011 - Promote development of infants and toddlers in an aquatic environment

Funded training is available to individuals in the following categories:

1. Individuals that meet the eligibility criteria with no previous qualification or experience. To apply for this training visit: Course Search – Funded – RLSSA NSW (royallifesaving.com.au)

2. Individuals who have a previous statement of attainment in SISSS00112 Swimming and Water Safety Teacher. Upon Validation of your statement of attainment or USI record for this skillset, eligible individuals can complete SISCAQU011 - Promote development of infants and toddlers in an aquatic environment as a stand-alone unit, completed via e-learning. Click here to register for this course only: Course Search – Funded – RLSSA NSW (royallifesaving.com.au)

3. Groups: Swim Schools looking to provide this training to existing staff to up-skill can apply to Royal Life Saving to receive the funded training. Groups can be a combination of individuals who already hold the SISSS00112 Swimming and Water Safety Teacher qualification; or for individuals looking to complete the Full training package.

To meet the requirements for this training, a letter of support from the organisation will be required identifying the benefits the funding training will provide to the organisation. To apply for group funding, please send a supporting letter to swimteacher@royalnsw.com.au

Important – Please note as this is a fully-funded skills group, accreditation and issuing of Statement of Attainments will not be possible until all units and e-learning are complete.

*Free training is applicable to participants who met the eligibility requirements


Any further questions, please contact our team at swimteacher@royalnsw.com.au or call our NSW office on (02) 9634 3700

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