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30 Jan 2024

NSW Team Talents on Show at the APLSC 2024

Swimming & Lifesaving
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The annual Australian Pool Lifesaving Championships (APLSC) were held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre this year, from the 18-20 January 2024. The APLSC is renowned for bringing together athletes, volunteers and staff from across the nation for an exciting competition, held both in the water with speed events and out of the water with CPR and simulated emergency response competitions (SERC).

This year, NSW had enough athletes to take both a State Team and Development Team to compete in the APLSC, and managed to achieve yet another podium finish, snagging 3rd place in the Overall Team Point score.

In addition to this fantastic achievement by the NSW team, there were some outstanding individual results across the board from our talented athletes.

Special mention goes to Ryan McNamara, who was named the Men’s U14 Overall Individual Champion, winning 5 individual gold medals. NSW also had 3 athletes claim silver medals in the Overall Individual Championship: Mack Elliott (U16 men), Brayden Woodford (U19 men) and Chelsea Jones (Open women).

NSW Results Highlights:

200m Obstacles

  • 1st Place U19: Brayden Woodford

  • 1st Place Opens: Chelsea Jones

  • 2nd Place U19: Madi Jones

  • 3rd Place U16: Mack Elliott

Line Throw

  • 2nd Place U16: Mack Elliott

  • 4th Place U16: Sarah Kenna

100m Manikin Tow

  • 1st Place U19: Brayden Woodford

  • 2nd Place U19: Madi Jones

  • 2nd Place Opens: Chelsea Jones

  • 3rd Place U16: Mack Elliott

100m Manikin Carry

  • 2nd Place U19: Brayden Woodford

  • 2nd Place Opens: Chelsea Jones

  • 3rd Place U16: Mack Elliott

  • 3rd Place U19: Stephanie Staniforth

50m Manikin Carry

  • 1st Place U16: Mack Elliott

  • 2nd Place U19: Brayden Woodford

  • 2nd Place U19: Stephanie Staniforth

  • 2nd Place Opens: Chelsea Jones

  • 3rd Place U16: Cooper Walsh

200m Superlifesaver

  • 2nd Place U19: Brayden Woodford

  • 2nd Place Opens: Chelsea Jones

4x50m Obstacle Relay

  • 1st Place Open Women

  • 3rd Place U16 Mixed

  • 3rd Place U19 Mixed

  • 3rd Place Open Men

4x25m Manikin Carry Relay

  • 1st Place Open Men

  • 3rd Place U16 Mixed

  • 3rd Place U19 Mixed

  • 3rd Place Open Women

4x50m Medley Relay

  • 1st Place Open Women

  • 2nd Place U19 Mixed

  • 3rd Place U16 Mixed

  • 3rd Place Open Men

8x50 Mixed Open Fin Relay – 3rd Place

4x50 Mixed Open Pool Lifesaver Relay – 3rd Place


  • 2nd Place Open Mixed

  • 3rd Place U19 Mixed

  • 5th Place U16 Mixed


  • Overall Team – 3rd Place

  • 1st Place Opens: Holly Holmesby

  • 2nd Place U19: Brayden Woodford

  • 3rd Place U19: Stephanie Staniforth

  • 3rd Place U19: Courtney Fitzgerald

  • 3rd Place U16: Emily Fitzgerald

To participate in the Australian Pool Lifesaving Championships, competitors must hold a Bronze Star (15 years and under), Bronze Medallion or equivalent lifesaving award (Surf Rescue Certificate, Surf Bronze), and be a current financial member of Royal Life Saving or Surf Life Saving Australia. To find out more or how to get involved is this highly competitive and rewarding sport, please email hannahskuodas@royalnsw.com.au

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