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16 Sept 2021

LinkedIn Learning Top picks for this month

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The Great Reshuffle: The Future of Work

Organisations are rethinking their entire working models, cultures, and values. In tandem, employees are reevaluating how and why they work, looking for greater flexibility and personal fulfillment. This month we look at courses that focus on the future of our work environment as we prepare to re-enter the workplace as restrictions start to ease.

Hybrid / Blended Work Environment

Whilst our facilities remain closed, it is hard to keep your team members engaged and feeling connected. This course will teach you how to apply the principles of coaching and organisational psychology to maintain connections and keep your team members engaged in a virtual work environment.

Course Length: 41 minutes

Skills covered: Employee engagement | Virtual teams

Link: (21) Building connection and engagement in virtual teams (linkedin.com)

Building your visibility as an online leader

In our industry, many of our workforce tend to carry out our day-to-day duties with only a select few team members. It is paramount therefore that as a leader, your team see you show up and provide reassurance – now more than ever. This course will cover key strategies how to boost your visibility when working with remote teams.

Course length: 31 minutes

Skills covered: Virtual management | Personal Branding | Virtual Teams | Team Leadership

Link: (21) Increasing your visibility when you are a remote leader (linkedin.com)

Supporting your team as offices reopen

As we move closer to that magic date when our venues are able to reopen, returning to work for our workforce may still present it’s challenges. The ‘new normal’ means we need to develop new and improved strategies for going forward. This team will help assist the development of an action plan to help your team quickly adapt the next time they are faced with the unexpected.

Course length: 35 minutes

Skills Covered: Team leadership

Link: (21) Answering commonly asked questions (linkedin.com)

Employee Engagement and Retention

What is employee engagement? This course will present strategies to attract, hire and retain quality employees, and more importantly, how to measure and evaluate your effectiveness sin engagement. The Learning objectives for this course include: · Exercising discretionary effort

· Attracting engaged employees

· Assessing the fit of employees

· Making onboarding more engaging

· Learning from new employees

· Provide opportunities for career growth

· Clarifying objectives

· Measuring engagement using surveys

· Being present for employees

· Driving engagement with fun

Course Length: 1 hr 22 minutes

Skills Covered: Employee Engagement

Link: (21) Engagement = success (linkedin.com)

How leaders can motivate others by creating meaning

It is reported that up to 70% of today’s workforce is disengaged. In the current climate this is likely to be much higher with such a large proportion of our workforce currently stood down or on reduced hours. This course teaches leaders how to motivate their teams by creating meaning. Learn how to define a shared purpose, provide opportunities for growth, create a learning environment, grant autonomy, and more.

Course Length: 35 minutes

Skills Covered: Employee Engagement | People Management | Leadership

Link: (21) Why meaning matters for motivation (linkedin.com)

Redesigning how we work in 2021

2021 has certainly faced us with some very difficult choices about work. Many have been stood down, many have had to make the call to stand down their team. Most importantly we have had to manage how we are able to blend our work and home lives in a sustainable way. This course offers guidelines for making strategic and human-centered choices to redesign how people work together at your organisation. This course explains how to reimagine leadership practices, help your employees feel supported and safe, and create a resilient culture, driven by shared purpose and trust.

Course length: 31 minutes

Skills Covered: Workplace design | organisational culture

Link: (21) Designing for success (linkedin.com)

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