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2 Feb 2023

A Successful Summer of Lifesaving for Kids in Regional NSW!

Swimming & Lifesaving
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This summer, Royal Life Saving NSW successfully delivered 3 Outback Lifesaver Programs across regional NSW. Over 90 kids from Scone, Wagga Wagga and Inverell eagerly participated in Outback Lifesavers; a program focused on essential swimming, lifesaving, and water safety skills unique to inland waterways, and the challenges these environments present.

Participants learnt a variety of lifesaving skills including rescue techniques, board paddling, CPR, survival swimming, safe entries and exits, first aid and emergency management. These skills are vital to ensure children can enjoy a lifetime of fun in, on and around water. Initiatives like our Outback Lifesaver program further support a child’s social skills and confidence, ability to react in an emergency and equip them with skills for life!

We would like to thank the team at Oasis Aquatic Centre Wagga Wagga and Community Aquatics Scone along with Katina Johns for their knowledge, passion, and support in getting the programs up and running within these communities.

Interested in becoming an Outback Lifesaver partner for our 2023/24 summer? Contact our Lifesaving Participation Coordinator georginaryan@royalnsw.com.au to explore the benefits for your community.

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