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Royal Life Saving maintains high standards in the provision of vocational education and training and other client services. ​ We have policies and management practices in place to upholdhigh professional standards in the marketing and delivery of our services, and which safeguard the interests and welfare of our clients. At Royal Life Saving we maintain a learning environment that supports the success of our clients and have the capacity to deliver the nominated course(s), provide adequate facilities, and use methods and materials appropriate to the training being delivered. ​ Its important for you to be aware of your rights and responsibilities of being a learner with Royal Life Saving . ​ The Student Handbook and Code of Practice will provide you with information about our enrolment, training and assessment processes and information about payments, course changes, privacy and more. ​ Click the links below to access Student Support resources.

Student Handbook

RLS NSW Student Handbook _2017.v1.0 (1)
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Code of Practice

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