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23 Aug 2022

RLS NSW urges Western Sydney residents to help build a plan for safer swimming as drownings increase

Drowning Prevention
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More than 60 representatives from the NSW Government, local councils, police and community groups will join Royal Life Saving NSW team members at Fairfield RSL today in a workshop aimed at reducing the number of drownings in Western Sydney.

New findings will be revealed by RLS NSW at the workshop, which will show a spike in drowning deaths across the region in the past 12 months.

Residents from Sydney’s west and south-western suburbs will be encouraged to provide input into the first-ever Western Sydney Drowning Prevention Plan (WSDPP). Information from the online survey will help build the WSDPP.

The workshop will also hear from drowning prevention experts and swim teachers on why Western Sydney needs its own specific plan to combat the rising number of drownings.

RLS NSW General Manager, Drowning Prevention and Education, Craig Roberts said: “Unfortunately, Western Sydney has eight of the worst 12 local government areas for drownings. Due to the diversity of these communities, the ongoing growth of the region and the variety of recreational areas, a whole of community approach is needed.”

“Royal Life Saving NSW recognises that drowning is a complex problem and that contribution from collaborators and partners is essential to reduce incidents and fatalities.”

The survey is live and available to complete here:

Western Sydney Drowning Prevention Plan Survey (surveymonkey.com)

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