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Royal Life Saving launches We Swim, a movement to encourage us all to care for swimming education

The We Swim campaign aims to encourage all Australians, whatever their age and wherever they live to join in, have fun and be safe in and around the water by encouraging parents to enroll their children in swimming lessons today.

Research shows that almost half of Australian 12-year-olds can’t swim continuously for 50 metres or float for 2 minutes in deep water – a basic swimming and water safety benchmark.

COVID-19 related closures have made it even harder for swim schools across the country to deliver vital water safety lessons. This campaign aims to ensure all children stay in lessons long enough to achieve and exceed national benchmarks.

But we know we can’t do it alone and that is where the aquatic industry comes in.

From large aquatic facilities to local swim schools, the Aquatic Industry is committed to the health and safety of our communities.

Industry can support the We Swim campaign by signing up to receive the Campaign Supporters Toolkit with FREE access to resources and key messages ready to be shared with your local community.

The last two years has been tough on everyone, now it’s time to come together, support our local communities and importantly get children back into swimming lessons.

Head to our new dedicated We Swim webpage for information and resources.


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