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New Year – Already Burnt out? Check out these courses on LinkedIn Learning that can help.

Managers have outsize impact on the employee experience. They are uniquely responsible for creating an environment where employees feel safe and able to engage. This course discusses the relationship between wellness and team performance, providing tips for how managers can monitor their own well-being and their team’s.

Course duration: 38 minutes

Skills covered: Wellness, Team leadership, Employee Wellness

In today’s working world, perks and happy hours aren’t going to cut it. People crave opportunities to learn and grow, location flexibility, and cultures where they feel like they belong. This course breaks down six markers of meaning and how to implement them. These actionable techniques are key to making work matter and enhancing peoples’ personal growth and fulfillment.

Course duration: 35 minutes

Skills covered: Wellness, Employee Engagement

Everyone wants to perform well when the pressure's on, but a lot of us withdraw in times of stress or adversity. This course explains how to bounce back from difficult situations by building your "resiliency threshold." It outlines five training techniques to prepare for difficult situations and five strategies for reflecting on them afterward.

Course duration: 34 minutes

Skills covered: Resiliency, Wellness

It might seem counterintuitive, but to get more done, you have to work less. Working hard in pursuit of our goals is a hardwired belief that has led to productivity ideals that are unrealistic or even unattainable. This course will teach you how to rethink productivity in order to build sustainable productivity practices that support your well-being, rather than drain you mentally or burn you out.

Course duration: 52 minutes

Skills covered: Work Life Balance, Productivity Improvement, Wellness

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